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The great necessity for skilled and qualified workers combined with the growing of the existent crisis in Europe, attracted thousands of foreigners workers interested in Brazil since the year 2009. Due to this reason, the Brazilian market turned into an increasingly competitive and tapered market. The massive flux of foreigners and the emerging number of qualified national workers enabled the Brazilian government to prepare bureaucratically towards foreigners interested in entering the Brazilian market.

Despite the initial difficulty, the entrance for the emerging Brazilian market is a possibility for those foreigners with huge creativity, mindset, clear goals definition, knowledge of Portuguese and willingness to take the challenge to live the new “Brazilian dream”.

There are job slots but also a lack of skilled workers to fulfill those slots:

Due to the great quantity of resources, its economic growth and the opening of the Brazilian market to foreign investment (large companies and multinationals), Brazil has faced some difficulties to offer in return, counterparts for its development. There is a big lacks of qualified workers in several sectors and this reality provides employment opportunities for skilled abroad nationals as well as foreigners with interest to work in Brazil.

According to research published by the Brazilian government, there is a lack of skilled labor in various sectors. The companies with intentions of international trade sector were identified as most needy and therefore often end up hiring employees with skill level lower than the suitable requested.

The sectors of manufacturing, construction, engineering and technical infrastructure are the most in needy sectors.

  • Technical Engineering,
  • Civil Engineering,
  • ITs,
  • Architecture and Urbanism,
  • Environmental Engineering,
  • Agronomy,
  • Agro business,
  • Business,
  • International Trade
  • Management,


Which kind of qualification is necessary?

* The Brazilian educational framework and system is different from the one held in Europe and closer to the North American system (USA and Canada). The reform at the European Educational system i.e. Bologna System, was responsible for invalidate at some point the foreigner diploma in Brazil. The undergraduate studies attended in three years in Europe is an proper obstacle for the foreigners who are intending to work in Brazil, due to the legal necessity of getting your diploma validated and recognized by the Minister of Education.  This is a regular bureaucratic procedure and also requested for the nationals who have attended the University abroad. It is highly recommended to hold a Master’s degree or any postgrad certificate in order to make the process easier.

* Another important factor is the knowledge (at least intermediate) of Portuguese. Usually, Portuguese, Spanish and Italians are dispensed for this mandatory knowledge due to the similarity between their native languages and the Brazilian Portuguese. For English and French-native speakers the knowledge of Portuguese and Brazilian culture is a requisite. 

How to find a job

* The easiest and most secure way to find a job in Brazil is through some European company (with high interest in Brazil) or multinational expatriation. There is no better way to get chances to be engaged and committed with the Brazilian market than to follow focused events and sending your CV for companies interested in expand their business to Brazil.

* To find a directly opportunity launched by some Brazilian company interested in obtain qualified and skilled international workers. The Chambers of Commerce, Embassies and Agencies are free of the obligation to deal with that process and also not obliged to offer lists with contacts and opportunities.    

* In Brazil, there are some websites responsible for cadastre CVs and frequently launching job, internship and work opportunities. Those websites are usually tools used by young Brazilians in order to find their jobs.

I have found a job, how to proceed:

Besides the necessity to find a job in order to move to Brazil, foreigners also need to regularize the processes for VISAs and work licenses. Unfortunately in case of internship or traineeship is compulsory for the host institution or company to deal with the bureaucratic processes, since there is no specific VISA for workers in Brazil.  

The Brazilian government grants touristic visas (short period – 90 days) and student visa including the temporary resident permition, renewable (a year, bounded within the University enrollment registration) in case of job the requirement of contract is mandatory in order to regularize the foreigner situation in Brazil.

Another alternative is taking the tourist visa in order to stay in Brazil enough to get a job and then once you get your acceptance, the company is responsible for dealing with the legal  procedure for foreigners’ admission.

Internships at BRASCAM for Brazilian students

On a regular basis, the BRASCAM offers 3 months program of internship for Brazilian students. Please, contact us for more information.

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